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Sand, sand, fi kul makan

This entire last week I’ve been recovering from our program trip to Petra and Wadi Rum. Personally, I had never even heard of Wadi Rum before coming to Jordan but once I was here, it was ALL I could hear about. Wadi Rum is beautiful, Wadi Rum is amazing, incredible, spectacular, beyond belief… I had no idea what was actually in Wadi Rum or what people do there. A couple of us had one of those moments where knowing some more Arabic vocab would have helped:

Person A: Yea, I’m really excited to go swimming at Wadi Rum!

Jordanian friend + the rest of us: Huh?!

Person A: Yea, Wadi means “river”, right?

Wadi actually means valley, which is still a geographical term and something which I had no idea of either. The more important part is that Wadi Rum is the opposite of a river.

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