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آسفة، انا مش آسفة

Today is not Wednesday. آسفة، انا مش آسفة. That’s been running through my head all this weekend, and may become my motto for life (or at least for now). I don’t have a silly song like Hakuna Matata yet, but I’m working on it! The translation, you ask?

“Sorry, I’m not sorry.”

A little harsh? Not really. I think a lot of the time, I’m guilty of apologizing when I don’t mean it. This isn’t every situation, it isn’t saying I’m never sorry. I am! A lot of the time really. But then there comes a time when someone is trying to guilt me into being sorry and it’s just- no. I even do it to myself and then use it as a crutch to not do something. It’s dishonest though, and in me it just brews and exacerbates existing problems. Goodness knows, I’ve never been good at keeping my honest opinion to myself. So sometimes, you’re not sorry and that’s ok if there’s a legitimate reason. So sorry, I’m not sorry that I have expectations when I’m paying comparatively a lot for comparatively little. Sorry, I’m not sorry that sometimes I go out and let loose. Sorry, I’m not sorry that I sometimes get frustrated. And sorry, dear readers, I’m not sorry, that it’s been a week and I’ve been living life instead of blogging. (Ok, maybe a little sorry on that last one!)

Last Friday (so long ago already?!), the program took us to Ajloun, a town in the north of Jordan that has all sorts of things, but most importantly, trees! And a castle! Read more…


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