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Meeting Royalty! Oh and Dana…

This past weekend the program took us to Dana Biosphere Reserve, a couple hours outside Amman. Naturally, I was wary about this trip, given that it involved camping. In a tent. Outside. Something I haven’t done in say, about 7 years. And then there was the issue of a 5 hour hike on the second day…

Thankfully I was wrong. It was AWESOME.

Nature and I don’t get along and I still thought it was incredible which is telling. We arrived, and immediately started climbing rocks and hiking around. A group of us saw a cave entrance and suddenly it was LAAZIM that we go find it.

“I’m easy to get to really! Don’t you want to come and explore?”

But we kept on going up and up and up… all the way to the top of the mountain. By then it was getting dark, so we hightailed it back down the mountain, thinking we would get dinner soon. HA. Instead the campsite director was seething because some other people had found the cave and it was way forbidden. There may have been some demanding we return to Amman straight away. Read more…


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